Friday, May 21, 2010

Celebrate the Grad or Bride with Flags & Streamers

Looking for a fun, easy, crafty way to decorate for a Bridal Shower or Graduation Party?

Flags or Streamers are fun to make from fabric and you can get the whole family involved. Last year, my family made flags for my birthday picnic that would be really cool at a graduation celebration or bridal shower, too. You can see mine at the right. Choose theme fabrics that represent something personally imortant about the grad or bride or use their favorite solid colors and stencil them with fun personalized motifs (like mine) or use our 'party perfect' Graduation fabric (shown below; available at all stores except Outlet on 4th), lace, bridal colors or ??? See how fun this can be?! You can save these to use another time or send them home with the grad or bride to decorate their dorm room or first apartment.

By the way . . .  I LOVE the Stencil Me In book (below)! You can find it at all our stores (except Outlet on 4th) and you'll find lots of Jacquard paint and other amazing stencils at all our stores, too.

                                               What you'll need:
Theme or solid color fabric to make as many flags or streamers as you want
Double-fold Bias Tape to coordinate with the flag fabric (enough to stretch the length of where the flags will hang)
Thread to coordinate, contrast with or match the Bias Tape
Pinking Shears or Pinking Rotary Blade
Optional: Stencils, paint, glitter, rhinestones, buttons, etc. for embellishing
(Jesse James theme buttons are fun to use!)

How to do it:
1. Using the pinking blade or shears, cut as many flags and/or streamers as you need to be evenly spaced along the length of your Bias Tape. The size is up to you. My flags are about 4" wide and 8" long and they were spaced about 6" apart.
2. Begin stitching along the un-fold edge of the Bias Tape for about 3". (Stitch for about 10" if you want to tie the end of the flag to a post, etc.) Unfold the tape, insert your first flag, fold the tape back over the edge of the flag and stitch across. Continue stitching until you reach the point where you want to insert another flag and repeat. Easy and fun!

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