Friday, August 20, 2010

Colorful, Coloriffic, Coloricious! - New Fabrics in Our Stores

As you can see from her Noro post below, Anna-Beth is done with maternity leave and back in the house (office, that is!). She called me from our Northgate store earlier this week to gush about two Marcus Brothers fabrics that she says you've just got to have. Guess, you better pack up and head into your nearest store - right? Take a look below, click on the pictures to see a larger image, then click here to find a store near you!

We'll go in alphabetical order since I can't decide which collection is the most gorgeous. Good thing is, we don't really have to decide - it's okay to buy both! The Color Defined collection from Marcus Brothers includes the uber useful stripe shown at the left. I love this kind of thing as it makes designing easier and if you're short on time, it would be a very cool 'cheater' quilt. Pick a few coordinates to go with it and define your own color dreams in lovely brown and aqua style! Available at our Everett, Bellevue, Northgate & Puyallup stores.

I DO love this collection. So fresh, spunky and full of life. Aptly named Petalicious and it really is! The prints coordinate lucsiously, but each one could easily stand on it's own, too. Truly botanically delicious! From Marcus Brothers and available at all our stores except Outlet on 4th.

If you're a Fashion sewist, get yourself down to the Outlet on 4th this weekend. They've added loads of rolls and flat folds from Cache to their already ample supply of fabulous designer fabrics. Hurry, before I get it all!

~ Annette

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