Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tuesday Tip: Knitting in the round - closing the gap!

(If you did Leah's Warm for Winter hat, you might have noticed this little trick - one of my favorites, and so easy!)

Whether using a circular needle or a set of double-points, when you join your stitches so you can knit in the round, there is often an ugly gap that appears where the stitches have been joined.  To prevent this, try this easy step:
1. Cast on one more stitch than called for.
2. Slip this stitch from the end to the beginning of the round.
3. Knit together the stitch you slipped and the one that should have been the first stitch on the needle.
That's it! No more gap! So simple, and so much nicer looking!

 - Anna-Beth

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