Thursday, February 3, 2011

Put that Printer to Work! Personalize Your Projects With Printable Fabrics

I just got a little note from Cupid and guess what? Valentine's Day is coming! Those of us with crafty in our blood  can have fun printing our way into our loved ones hearts and I've got a few notes to help you decide which printable fabric you want to use. You'll find a variety of these fabric sheets in all our stores.

Hints First:
1. Printable fabrics generally come in packages containing 3- 5  pieces of 8-1/2" x 11" sheets ready for your home Ink Jet Printer.
2. Notice that I said Ink Jet, not Laser (they get too hot) or Photo Printer (they use the wrong kind of ink).
3. Before you do anything, read, yes, READ the instructions. These fabrics aren't hard to use, but why waste time guessing or messing it up when the package instructions are so great!
There are lots of different kinds! Let's start with one of my favorites, Avery's Stretchable Fabric Transfer Sheets designed to be used on cotton/poly blend sweatshirts and tees. Just right for personalizing a night shirt or tee for a special someone. I think it's so cool that you can make your picture stretchable!

We carry two different brands of Iron-On Fabric Sheets to make your own appliques or for a quick, no-sew project. You'll find June Tailor's Quick Fuse Fabric Sheets (shown) and Printed Treasures Iron-On Sheets to choose from. Both are 100% cotton with a fusible backing you can apply to just about anything. If you want a nice lightweight printed image, use the June Tailor and for a firmer finished product, use Printed Treasures.
If you want to sew your printed image to fabrics, we have two 100% Cotton choices for you there, too. Try fraying your printed picture around the edge, then stitching inside the fringe for a vintage look. You can, of course, turn the edges under or satin stitch around them, too. Again for lighter weight projects, choose June Tailor's Sew-In Colorfast Fabric Sheets (shown) and for a more substantial finish, choose Printed Treasures Sew-On Fabric Sheets.

And, suppose you want the kids involved and want to stay away from irons and sewing machines - you can do that, too! Printed Treasures Peel and Stick Fabric Sheets are the answer here. Kind of like making fabric 'stickers'. They'd be fun on valentines, pillows and tote bags. Plus, you're jump starting some creativity!

One of our newest printable products is June Tailor's Printable Fusible Web. Make your own applique patterns by printing the outline of your design right onto fusible web. Pretty cool stuff and there are tons of ways to use this! You can print images right from your computer, so alphabets are easy and if you want you can use a favorite image as the outline for fabric applique. We're really excited about this and we have June's awesome Printable Freezer Paper in our stores, too.

Now that you're printably educated, thanks to June Tailor, I have three projects for you to download! Top to bottom: Valentine Wall Hanging, Valentine PillowValentine Gift Bags.

Enjoy! ~ Annette

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