Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cute, and a Hoot to Boot: Mary's Seuss-ational apron!

Ever since our wonderful Seuss fabric came in, I've been fingering it and puzzling over what to make from it. I've been thinking of a quit for my baby, or something for a friend's kid, but I just  wasn't sure what.
Then today, I walked into our 4th Ave Outlet store and found Mary in this colorful apron, and I was immediately inspired! Seuss for adults! Why not?
Mary used Mary Mulari's Church Lady Apron pattern - a classic, and reversible, too!  Like all of Mary Mulari's apron patterns, it just requires two one-yard cuts of fabric, a little time and you have a FABULOUS apron. I am excited to make my own!

 - Anna-Beth

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Anonymous said...

LOVE IT!!! That's what is so fun about aprons-- you can make them funny and put pockets where you NEED pockets. Make one side of the apron "normal" and the other side something that makes you laugh yourself silly.

P. J. Bobbins