Thursday, December 30, 2010

Pillowcase extravaganza!

I tell you, the ladies of 4th Avenue are a fountain of inspiration. No sooner do I finish blogging about Mary's Seuss apron, then Cathy comes in with her Seuss pillowcases!
Cathy made Seuss pillowcases for three wonderful little boys, her grandsons Jamison, Adrian and Julian. Each boy gets his own unique pillowcase to have sweet fantastical dreams of Cats in Hats and Sneetches and other Seuss characters.
But she didn't want the grown-ups to be left out, so she made delightful pairs of pillowcases for her kids, too, in our wonderful Washington and Seattle-themed fabrics! She even made a set in an elegant batik combo. She's got plans to give these to her family for New Year's - I bet it'll be a great one!
If you want to make a custom pillowcase, click here for a free, simple pattern.


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