Friday, January 7, 2011

Before & After - Banish the Post-Holiday Home Blahs

I LOVE Christmas and I especially love all the wonderful decor we surround ourselves with during that wonderful season. But, every year, there's a little dilemma. Our homes look amazing with all that marvelous sparkle, then after the holiday we start to wonder - what now? So, I was thinking, if you could spark up a post-holiday room or two for under $100 just for you, would you? Take a look at what I found in our stores . . .
We recently found this super inspirational book by Candice Olson of HGTV's Divine Design! Candice Olson On Design holds 24 before & after room transformations from every area of the house. The book is full of Candice's sharp tips and fun sense of humor and very easy to use. You'll find swatch images, room sketches and the dramatic before and after pictures that will get your decorating genes switched into high gear. It's a great collection of simple to do, high impact ideas you'll love! Available at all our stores except Bellevue.
A makeover book for your home! Better Homes & Gardens Before & After Decorating book will efficiently lead you to a new, fresh look for any room you choose.  You'll see 43 transformations, tour 3 homes and learn to do 26 DIY projects along the way. The uber-helpful tips and how-tos make this a great reference book to keep around for future years, too. I love the "do this-in this way-for this reason" approach that makes perking up your home an "I can do this" kind of thing. Really a great book and you'll find it at all our stores!
Would you like to learn more about color, decorating styles, makeovers, storage solutions (yes!) and DIY projects? Better Homes & Gardens New Decorating Book is just what you need! Chapters include: Design Basics, How to Discover Your Decorating Style, Style Solutions, Room-by-Room and House Tours (10 in all). I'm really impressed with this book! It holds a whole decorating course between it's covers for just $24.95. Definitely one I'll refer to again and again since there are other times of year when homes look a bit dull, too! Available at all our stores.

There you go! You can have a new look that suits your budget and can be done your way. Plan a stop into our nearest store soon, thumb through a book or two, then take your dreams over to our lovely Home Decor Fabrics & Home Decor Trims (20% off through 1/15/11!). It's time to take down that Christmas decor and start freshening up your rooms!

~ Annette

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