Friday, January 14, 2011

Top 5 Reasons to Buy the new Stitch Magazine

There is one sewing magazine that I must buy every time a new one comes out- Stitch from Interweave. It is chock full of projects, inspirational stories and great ideas. Check out this Spring’s issue now available at ANY Pacific Fabrics location.

The top 10 lists in this season’s issue inspired me to give you my top 5 reasons to run out and buy this magazine. IMMEDIATELY

5. Mini articles- At the beginning of the magazine there is a section called Sew Boutique that highlights inspiring people, new trends and interesting stories from all over. The Spring issue features Ty Pennington, Guatemalan textiles and Marissa Lynch from the New Dress a Day blog (one of my favorites, you should check this out too!)

4. The Envelope Clutch (pg 64)- This awesome clutch is made from flannel or wool and lined with bright colored quilting fabric. Finish it off with some velvet ribbon and you have an amazing clutch for an evening out. (I just love all the projects this magazine has!)

3. The Top 10 Lists- The title of this issue is The Technique Issue. It gives you the top 10 challenging sewing techniques that everyone should know- I’m sure everyone could learn a thing or two in these pages. They also include the top 10 sewing notions you should own as well as the top 10 sewing resolutions we should all resolve to do in 2011.

2. The Baby Doll Dress (pg. 55)- I love this dress and can’t wait to make one. Wouldn’t it be amazing in solid black with a black and white or black and color panel?!

1. The Appliqué Pillows (pg. 42 and 46)- These pillows (one is featured on the cover) look so simple but would add a great splash of color and style to any room. The great part is that we just received these awesome wool squares (12x12, at all our stores) in fresh colors that would be perfect for these projects. I’m thinking of trying them in the wool and then in our ultrasuede squares too. Maybe even wool on suede… oh my!


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Anonymous said...

I am always looking for new modern ideas, I'm going to get my copy today. Thanks for the tip!