Monday, January 17, 2011

More Suess-piration - A Cat In the Hat Quilt!

A few posts ago, you saw my Suess-pirational apron and soon after that Marian, our Receiving Clerk at the Outlet on 4th, turned her Suess-piration towards quilting!

Marian designed and pieced this beautiful Cat In the Hat quilt, then Regina, our Long Arm quilter, quilted it for her. Isn't it great? We were very, very lucky to borrow the quilt from Marian's cat Cha Cha, who believes that it is really supposed to be a 'Cat On the Quilt' quilt.

Don't worry, Cha Cha! We'll be sure to return it to you after everyone has a chance to admire it! (If you'd like to see the quilt in person, please stop by the Outlet on 4th. We'd love to show it to you!)

~ Mary
(staff member at the Outlet on 4th)

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