Friday, October 8, 2010

Adventures With Evie: My Alaskan Cruise

I'm back! I just spent a week cruising to Alaska with Chris and her husband, Dan and I just went ape over our most northern state!

The sea was rough the first night and I was quite seasick , but once I got my sock sea legs, I found that I loved bundling up in my stylish parka and lounging on the deck on the way to Glacier Bay. Ellen made me this stunning white Minky parka trimmed in ultra chic black faux fur. It really seemed to increase my natural animal magnetism. What happens onboard stays onboard, you know, but I can tell you I did attract plenty of attention!

Here I am sailing by John Hopkins Glacier. I was tired, but came out on deck and agreed to pose here for the papparazzi. The scenery took my little stuffed breath away. It was just spectacular!

Two days later we arrived in Ketchikan and Chris helped me tour the town. I just had to see the city where they have even more annual rainfall than Seattle. I'm wearing my black fleece pants here. They were nice and warm, but when Ellen made them, I was really worried that they would make me look fat. She assured me that my body was tubular enough to handle it. What do you think?

This is how I spent most of my time. Inside the cabin frolicking with the towel animals on the bed. It was like having a new BFF every night and I was so thrilled. It was really nice of the cruise line to plan this little surprise just for me! Maybe I'll send them some of my famous banana bread.

So, I'm back home, but I'm packing again. Sydney is taking me on her European tour. OMG! I can hardly wait!!! I hear Tracy has knitted me something special to wear. I'll be back in a couple of weeks, so watch for more pictures then. Ciao, all!

~ Evie

(Evie is a pink sock monkey who makes her home at the Everett store when she's not traveling. Ellen leads Block of the Month and she and Sydney both teach quilting classes at the store, Tracy leads the Everett Knitalong that is just starting for the year and teaches knitting and Chris is Assistant Manager as well as our ever enthusiastic 'Chris Claus' and company demo queen.)

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Betty said...

I want to be a sock monkey! Evie is having so much fun!!!