Thursday, October 21, 2010

Whimsical Woodland Woolie Notions

I love working with felted wool and wool felt, so when we needed a sample of Betz White's Whimsical Woodland Sewing Set pattern made up, I was the first to raise my hand high!

We had a sample pattern available to use, Eileen gave me leftover wool felt from a project she had just made, I purchased a small amount of brown wool (to felt at home) from our Bellevue store and pulled the rest of the supplies together from my sewing room stash.

I started by tracing the patterns onto Bosal Pattern Paper. It's pliable, strong, see-thru, and much easier to use than the paper the pattern is printed on. When the pattern said cut two (like the owl wings), I just folded the felt so I could cut faster with my rotary cutter, then used embroidery scissors to cut out tiny pieces like the butterfly.
The pattern was easy to follow and is mostly glued with a little machine stitching. I started with the Owl Scissor Holder and in no time at all I was ready to move onto the Tree Stump Pin Cushion. My pinking rotary blade was perfect for the stump edges!

Then it was time for a little hand stitching while my Owl supervised in the background.

On to the amamzingly clever Mushroom Tape Measure Dispenser! The stem is an empty thread spool and the padded top of the mushroom encases a retractable tape measure.

It is now time for me to sing the praises of my new best crafting friend - FABRI-TAC!!! I am SO in love with this stuff and have been looking for a glue this good for years. It dries quickly, isn't messy and securely attaches fabric to fabric or other things. Just the best tool ever! That's me above gleefully gluing the butterfly to the pull on the tape measure - knowing it will actually stick.

Finis! Aren't they beautiful? I think the whole thing took me about an hour and I did most of it on a small cutting mat on my lap while watching TV. And, just in case you're wondering, Rosie says . . .

this project has the official Terrier Stamp of Approval!

~ Annette

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Want! Want! I need to make my own!