Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Martha Stewart for Halloween - Freaky, Frighful, Fantastic

Martha, Martha, Martha! Here's a little taste of the Martha Stewart Halloween decor we have in all our stores (except Outlet on 4th). Let's start with the picture above. These are amazing and definitely my favorite! Sparkly, spooky, delightful Glittered Chandeliers to spark up your Halloween table. Aren't they delicious!

Hang a Halloween Garland and start an instant party! Choose from Trick or Treat or Happy Halloween.

Treat Bags with toothy grins!. Ready to fill with loads of yummy goodies. And there's more, but it's going fast! Selection varies by store - stop by your nearest one soon.

~ Annette

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Anonymous said...

I love the Martha Stewart decor stuff. I found some fillable test tubes and bags of creepy things at one of the stores, too. Thanks!