Friday, October 15, 2010

A Great Customer Story

Just the other day Janice, the manager at the Outlet store, came into the office and told me that there was someone looking for me. I thought, "Who in the world could be looking for me?" So I went out to the store to find a customer with her own African Safari quilt!

Me showing off a reader's African Safari Quilt
After reading the blog post about my quilt, she was inspired to try it herself and make the quilt for her daughter who loves giraffes. The amazing part is that she had never quilted before and she cut the whole thing out with scissors! She even followed the great tip I learned for matching the back and it was perfect! She brought it in to have it quilted by our custom quilter who did such a great job with mine.

Please join me in congratulating our reader on completing her first quilt. Let's hope that it is the first of many!

I love hearing these stories of inspiration and would love to hear more! What inspires you? Feel free to leave a comment or even email me at Who knows your story might end up on our blog too!

Happy Sewing,

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Anonymous said...

I love the African Safari quilt and would like to make a quilt using that pattern. Do you know where I can find the pattern or can you share the measurements of all the pieces?
Thank you!