Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Adventures With Evie: Kauai Sock Monkey Style

I love being soft! I fit so well into a suitcase and had a marvelous trip to Kauai, Hawaii last week with Ellen and her husband.

Pat made me a really hip Hawaiian print skirt before I left with Ellen and I insisted on an ear bow to go with it so I'd be really stylin'. Ellen calls it resort wear. So chic!

Here I am at the resort at Poipu Beach on the South Shore of Kauai. I sat on the railing to look around and I was glad to have a little help. I tried to hang on by myself, but it was kinda tough. There didn't seem to be any other Sock Monkeys around, but I had a really good time with the humans anyway. I think I look a little sunburnt here, but Ellen says it's just my natural rosy complexion. Ellen is so sweet! (By the way, Pat coordinates classes and teaches sewing at Everett and Ellen leads the Block of the Month Club and teaches quilting classes. That's why my wardrobe looks so good!)

Guess I'm going to Alaska next week - wherever that is. I hear it's cold, so I'm hoping the Everett human ladies are going to make me something warm. I love my skirt, but it is a bit breezy.

Gotta go monkey around now ~ Evie


Anna-Beth said...

I have never been jealous of a monkey before - next time Ellen, could you squeeze me into your suitcase? I'm pretty soft!

Anne Kelley said...

Please, please -- a pattern! We need monkeys of our own, and Evie seems to need monkey friends who're as cute as she is!

Anna-Beth said...

Hi Anne!
Evie would love more friends - and you can have your own sweet friend to cuddle easily! We sell the socks by the pair in pink, blue or brown, and a pattern to make your own sock monkey comes with the socks. Have fun!
- Anna-Beth