Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Must Have Knitting Project for Fall!

A couple of weeks ago I attended the Tea with Debbie Bliss at the Everett store with my daughter. We both fell in love with the projects she shared and it really inspired me to get back into knitting. I have been knitting for awhile now, knitting mostly scarves, hats and the occasional pair of socks. Debbie’s amazing garments motivated me to broaden my horizons and try knitting a sweater.

I decided that maybe I wasn’t quite ready for a sweater but would try one of Debbie Bliss’ other projects and work up to the sweater. I fell in love with Debbie’s Glen variegated wool yarn and chose a project out of the Glen Book, the Snood (or cowl) which goes right along with the fashion trends for this Fall/Winter season.

The Glen Book by Debbie Bliss
I chose to use the same color as the model in the book, Peat Brown 03, which is a gorgeous taupe/brown. A few nights is front of the TV with my family and I had a finished cowl. I had never done cables before but with the great instructions from the book I had no problem especially after a few repeats! I would definitely recommend this project and I can’t wait to get started on my next Debbie Bliss pattern.

My daughter showing off the finished cowl.

The interesting cables that weave their way across the cowl.

~ Sharon

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Anonymous said...

you are so awesome. A couple nights. I still haven't finished a hat. LOL Very pretty.