Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday Tip: Clean up your cutting with rulers that don't slip!

I have wasted so much fabric with crooked cutting! I love my rulers and rotary cutter, but sometimes, as I cut strips and blocks, that darn ruler just twisted a little, and my cut wafted over to the left or right,  and I had to waste more fabric cleaning up the edge. 

Then one day I was checking out the Staff Picks at our Outlet on 4th store, and saw that someone recommended InvisiGrip to fix this problem.  I'd never seen this product before, and took some home to try it out.  It's basically a thin sheet of clear rubbery plastic, backed with paper - you just cut it to fit your ruler, peel it off the backing, and stick it to the back of your ruler.  That is all there is to it, and as if by magic, your ruler stays put, your cutting is immediately better, and you are no longer wasting fabric and time with slippery cuts. 

Invisigrip is sold in a piece 12 1/2" by 1 yard long, which was enough for me to do my two most frequently used rulers - my 12 1/2" square, and my 8 1/2" by 24" ruler. Since that initial purchase two years ago, I have bought one more package, which was enough to do most of my smaller templates and rulers. At only $5.99 a package, it is a great investment in saving yourself fabric and frustration. Yay Invisigrip!

 - Anna-Beth

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Our Heroine said...

Neat product. For the cheap among us, double stick tape along the edge works pretty well too. I've heard recommended stick-on sandpaper, fine grit.