Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Knitting for Baby

As a new mother, I often find it challenging to get time at my sewing machine.  My sweet smiling little dumpling turns into a screaming howler if set down too long, so my quilting is reserved for naptime and when Daddy is home to take over bouncing and playing duties.  Luckily, I have a hobby that she will allow a smidge more frequently: knitting! Since Annika is so kindly allowing me to knit, I repay her by knitting things for her!  Actually, knitting for baby is so fun, because those tiny projects just finish up so quick - I have never knit a sweater before, but she already has three from me now. 

The cute little one below is the Feather and Fan Baby Sweater, from the book 101 Designer One-Skein Wonders,  knit up in a skein of Pagewood wool/nylon hand-dyed sock yarn. Pagewood's generous yardage left me plenty to make her a little pair of baby socks to match. (If you click on the "baby socks" in the previous sentence, you will find a free pattern for baby socks!) I washed and dried this sweater in my normal washer and dryer, and had no noticable shrinkage! Yay superwash wools!

My sweet lil beanie!
Of course, this also illustrates the sad part about knitting for baby - At three months, she is not going to be squeezing into this little sweater much longer, and her big old hobbit-feet are already in  6 to 12 month old -sized socks!  But we have such beautiful yarns at our stores, and adorable patterns and books for baby clothes, so I will just keep making her new ones, although perhaps in too-big sizes, so she has time to grow.



Shelby said...

I think one of the best quality of baby clothes are knit clothes! They always look so cute and stylish!

Tracy Lowen said...

so Cute!!! I love the idea of socks to match. I love that pattern.

Anonymous said...

The picture doesn't do justice to the amazing colors in this sweater! So adorable!