Thursday, September 16, 2010

Introducing: Adventures With Evie

Hey there, crafty humans! My name is Evie and I'm a Sock Monkey created by the ladies at the Everett Pacific Fabrics & Crafts store. I was born a couple of weeks ago and already I've heard that the human ladies will be taking me on all sorts of adventures in the next few months.

I started my adventures at a really cool meeting at the Pacific Fabrics offices recently. I learned about a lot of different stuff you can buy in their stores and what the new colors and trends are for Fall fashion. There are lots of people at the PacFab stores that can tell you about it. At the end, I got to sit by a gorgeous zebra purse and a pink polka dot tote bag from Moda and have my picture taken. I love this place!

My first trip will be to Hawaii - I'll tell you about that next week. Wonder if they'll make me a bikini? I always keep my ears wide open, so I'll let you know what else I hear, too!

Okay - see you soon! ~ Evie

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Anonymous said...

Could I use the headshot image of this pink monkey for a project I'm doing? thanks so much!