Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday Tip: No More Tangles Binding Solution

There are few things more satisfying than sewing the binding on a quilt. You've finished with the piecing, sandwiching, quilting, and trimming, and all that is left is getting that binding on. But then you are confronted with the tangled pile of yards of binding, picking up scraps and stray threads (not to mention dog hair at my house!) from the floor as you work, and it takes some of the satisfaction away.  My lovely quilting friend Lynn gave me this awesome trick, and I use it all the time.

I keep an extra empty thread spool around - one of the larger ones, from a larger spool. I make my binding,  and wind it on the spool. 

There is a post on my sewing machine for using cone threads, or perhaps for a second spool for twin needle work - I usually just use mine to store extra empty bobbins.

When I am ready to sew on my binding, I just put the spool of binding onto that post, pull down the end that I am starting to sew on, and start stitching. The binding winds off smoothly, stays clean and untangled, and I get to enjoy putting the binding on.

Thanks Lynn, for the great suggestion!  I use it all the time - and now all of you can, too!

~ Anna-Beth

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