Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Shirt for San Francisco

When I came into work at the Bellevue store the other day a beautiful pink striped shirting by Moda was being put on the flat fold tables. I immediately asked to have 2 ½ yards cut for me. I didn’t know what I would do with it, but I wanted some!

Then I found McCall’s pattern M6035 for a shirt I have seen a couple of my favorite actresses wear in some movies I have watched recently. I love the pattern because it has separate pieces for A, B, C or D cup bra. I used to have to adjust the patterns myself.

I made a shirt in the pink striped Moda shirting and I love it. It looks great with the white jeans I made from our white bull denim. I used my old Calvin Klein jeans pattern from the 80’s –I never throw away a pattern—but we have lots of classes on how to fit pants, shirts and jackets in our new class catalogue. Check it out. Just be sure you pre-wash the bull denim and the shirting, too, for that matter.

We are going to San Francisco for the Labor Day weekend to see our daughter. I know I can’t wear white shoes after Labor Day, but is it okay to wear white jeans after Labor Day? Oh, well. I am sure my daughter will tell me.

~ Nancy

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Anna-Beth said...

Nancy - You look fabulous in your outfit! And it all fits so well, you can tell it is custom. Very stylish!
- Anna-Beth